Rese's Critter Care

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South Florida Pet Care


My Life's Passion Is Caring For Animals

My name is Rese and I have years of experience taking care of almost every type of pet. I understand first hand the struggles of separation anxiety you and your pet can experience and cater my services to address needs of the pet as well as the pet parents. 

It would be my pleasure to make your baby's time away from you as enjoyable and stress-free as possible! I LOVE questions, and am always happy to help. 

Note that this is my full time job...I am with your babies all day long and do not leave for another job like most other pet sitters. There is full supervision & the only crating is done during feeding, and sleeping, or if I step out (for ultimate safety). This is a home environment with a fenced yard for full freedom to play and or relax as much as they like.

Contact me online, email me at, or  text/call me at (954)822-9395 to ask me any questions or to set up a meeting around your schedule. 

Last minute appointments can usually be arranged. 

Why Should You Hire Me?

  • Custom pricing, and discounts are available for long term stays and regular customers
  • I offer webcam check-ins any time during your pets stay to help with seperation anxiety
  • Trained at Central Florida Zoological park
  • Works with community animal rescues and fosters animals in need
  • Online Advocate for animals and member of HSUS, PETA, ASPCA, Sierra Club, Greenpeace, Nature Conservatory and more
  • Personally has rehabilitated dozens of abandoned, abused pets in the last year alone
  • Experienced horse trainer/groomer/whisperer assisting horses in distress
  • Experienced in pet CPR
  • Experienced in assisting with animal births
  • Experience administering meds, and caring for sick/injured animals
  • Experience with elderly pets including dog dementia
  • Located 1 mile from beach and a few blocks from dog park 
  • I'll treat your baby like my own!
  • Educated by and volunteer for Sea Turtle Oversight  Protection
  • Experience with blind, deaf and disabled pets
  • Trained Animal Nutrition Specialist
  • Full time, cage free, supervised environment